“Cling-ons / Hitchhikers”, Illness and New Age

“Cling-ons/Hitchhikers” Illness and New Age
For most of you who find my site, I may be “preaching to the choir” about Metaphysics and New Age stuff. But for the newcomers exploring beyond the earthly, traditional teachings that have not satisfied your soul…here is a bit of in-sight from me and my angels.
I woke up this morning up at 5:30 AM. (Rare) So I turned on TV and watched a “religious” program. I was astounded to hear a “preacher” and his female guest from another country speaking about Reiki. (An energy healing modality from Japan.) I need not share the “insights” I got about the TV speakers – just that I prayed for them and their soul wisdom and guidance from our One God for their best and highest good.
An audience woman who was either a Reiki energy healing practitioner or had a Reiki treatment was having health and emotional issues. Empathic / feeler type people often feel other people’s aches/pains/illness or pick up – “cling-ons or hitchhikers”.

The guest speaker said that woman audience member was attached by evil spirits and needed to rebuke them in the name and blood of Jesus and rebuke all Reiki and New Age practices.

The “preacher” said to a large audience that “all New Age beliefs and teachings were misguided, evil and lead by the devil.” They had the entire audience speak out loud commandments to rebuke all New Age teachings and its followers.

In my experience, she was half correct! I have learned that we can detect, speak our word or commandment however then ask them to be collected by  calling on the Archangels, wrapping in God’s love and realize they are forgiven and ready to be detached and lifted into God’s heavenly schools of healing and wellness for the eternal journey onward.

We should not  “throw the baby out with the bath water!” Most New Age or also known as Metaphysical teachings (meaning beyond the physical & senses) assist to blend (not separate) our spirit back into this body, mind and earthly experience. Without our spirit we a just robots.

First of all most New Age teachings are not new. They are a renewed and expanded way of looking at the some of the oldest and wisest teachings from all continents. They are often ancient teachings from around the world which includes all religions, philosophies, masters, healers and sages. They include teachings before and after the short years of Jesus on earth. They portend the “Golden Rule”, kindness, self-responsibility and discernment.

Secondly, yes – as throughout history, there are charlatans, false; prophets, sages and priests, preachers, healers, doctors, attorneys and high government officials. Many beliefs were taught to us in order to keep control and money to themselves. Always ask yourself, “Who profits from this belief? Is it a win-win? Is anyone harmed by this?” True today!

Third, as an Empath, Intuitive, Psychic, I have some in-sights into “attachments or hitchhikers and cling-ons”. Most of them are one of the following: ancestors, deceased loved ones, or “cling-ons/ hitchhiker” souls from someone around you. Rarely evil and they see your light and willingness to pray for healing. They hope to let us know they are around (often by ill symptoms) to get our attention.

Once we “wake up” and consider healing this – then they have a chance to get enough energy healing to leave the planet and go on to their heavenly soul journey without fear, guilt or shame that often keeps them here attached to others.

Hope this helps clear up some misconceptions and brings more people out of fear of larger ideas. This was just a sample of simple paraphrasing of a lot of different teachings.

Thirty years ago I saw another TV evangelist with a male panel make the statement that meditation was evil and led people to the devil. I nearly dropped to the floor. I was teaching meditation classes at the time. I said “God that if that is true then – I quit”.

I learned that prayer is the way we talk to God and meditation is a way we listen to God.

I then “heard” a voice within say, “He is right, meditation can lead people to the devil…or… it can lead people to GOD”. You choose with your intent. Which do you choose?

Until next calling or next class…Sage.

So which do you choose? Fear of what others think and say or exploration of your own intuition that says that there is more to life than what you have been told? How do you think that new ideas and inventions come about without pushing the old boundaries? And yes, we need guidelines as to how to be safe and sane while doing this.

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