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I have been a bit under the weather lately, overcoming a simple cold. Funny how much energy can be zapped when we need a break and slow down to take care of ourselves. However, I am aware of how much TV, Facebook and web crawling I have been into. Normally, most of these are positive. I can pretty much control my use of FB and websites, but there is very little on TV that I can choose from, so must be discerning.

When I am not in my “center” (mostly meaning feeling neutral – yet not bland), I can find myself comparing myself to others. Either not feeling up to par with their accomplishments, age brackets, beauty, skills or seemingly past them or beyond or better than them. Doesn’t that sound like ego to you? It does to me. So where is this really coming from?

My ”neutral” or “centered” usually feels great, satisfied, fulfilled, happy with exactly where I am right now. NO JUDGMENT on myself or anyone else, no comparisons of myself or others. Accepting my journey as it is – up to now – and always changing just like the seasons. My mother use to say there is a season for every 10 years of life. She knew numerology. (The study of numbers.)

So, sometimes after watching TV, Facebook, websites etc., I occasionally don’t feel so great. Have you noticed your moods after spending time this way? Or after being in meetings or out shopping? Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Moody? Obnoxious? Unkind? Unfriendly? Even tired or depressed?

Check yourself afterwards or watch others after they spend time “out there”. Are we letting others “feed” our spirit or “feed” the ego? Yes, we can go out into the world and come back feeling wonderful and happy. That is when we are centered and have good boundaries. We radiate positivity and it lifts others up.

As many of you reading this are what we call “sensitive, empath, or feeler”, it is important to be aware of feelings and moods. They are our barometer of healthiness – spirit, mind and body. If I am not happy and feeling frustrated, then actually whose feelings are these?

I must take responsibility that I feel them and have allowed them. After I “wake up” to this fact, I usually need to “clear” myself by re-aligning my boundaries. As a sensitive/empath/feeler, we often can “soak up” others’ feelings or negativity. I must pull my energy back into myself, ground and not let it float out into others energy fields. My energy could be invading their space as well.

So, what we do with feelings is what counts. When I become aware, I then choose to say a prayer for myself first – then any people or circumstances that seem to affect (or infect) me. It is like I went swimming in the emotional ponds of others. Or walking thru “mind fields  / mine fields” of others.

First step – is to “wake up” or become aware of my feelings. Slow down and don’t be afraid to feel your truth. Biggest step.

Second step – is to breathe and focus on a new intention – to clear and reset boundaries. Spiritual, mental and physical. Like more discerning – conscious – decisions about what to let into our mind fields such as – TV, Facebook, websites, music. They are HYPNOTIC. Or decide who to “hang” with in your space. Are they really quality time? If yes, hang in there, if no, let go and create space for new higher energy souls to gravitate towards you. This can open up greater worlds for you.

Third step – explore meditation and contemplation (not medication, OTC drugs, or mind altering substances unless temporarily prescribed). Mind altering meditation! It is a practice of raising your “electrical system” (energy field) to be aware and listen to your own guidance system – intuition – the “quiet inner voice” the inner/ soul/ Higher God Self.

Fourth step – believe it or not – give it time, slow down (“Be still and know”). Practice listening to your intuition – it will tell you what you need to know, what and how to do the next step. It can bring you to your greatest desires. (De-sire means “of the father” the God seed within.)

Fifth step – believe that you and everyone else really do deserve to enjoy life and be happy, healthy and prosper.

Jesus reminds us that “It is done unto you AS you believe.” Let’s believe it together and give the universe time to manifest our desires without talking negative and blocking the flow. That’s another subject topic.

What would it take for you to feel again? Feel all feelings knowing “this too shall pass?” Don’t make decisions about them just allow them and make it ok to have them. Most are not your feelings anyway. They are just “passing” thru. Sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings. If you have trouble trusting God then call on the Angels of Light. God’s messengers.  Give them something to work on while you just rest.

Blessings, friends. Sage.

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