Behind the scene/SEEN.

How does anyone know what is behind the scene/seen?
Some people have a good “gut” level feeling. Some just don’t trust themselves.
Often when people call for a psychic “reading” they are actually asking for confirmation of what they already know or fear, positive or negative.
self-confidence-960_720Most people are intuitive by nature. Some call it instinct. Some are more aware of their natural insights mostly due to experiences that have confirmed their gut feelings over time. Practice strengthens the intuitive “muscles” with faith in Self.
Others have been “brain washed” out of their feelings or trusting themselves. The good news is – that it can be re-ignited with practice. Taking a class, learning to meditate, (meaning listening) and being with others who share ideas and teachings.
One of the techniques I learned and use often for myself and when “reading” for others is as follows:
1. To focus on a situation – staying as neutral as possible. Neutral means it does not matter either way the answer comes. Just listen, watch or feel.
2. First “clearing” by taking deep breaths and saying a prayer. Breathing opens the channels!
3. Then ask for guidance from my Higher Self (which is our God-Source connection) God and/or angels/guides. (However one believes.)
4. Learning to trust whatever comes thru even if it feels like our “imagination”.
After this, I know I may have just scratched the surface. If you don’t understand what shows up…visual, word(s), feelings…
5. I then ask my Self/God Source/Guides to go deeper or behind or beyond this answer.
With God/Source please know that there is no-thing that can be hidden. If you want to know you must ask.
6. I ask to KNOW what is behind the scene/seen?
Keep doing this until you FEEL satisfied.
When I get a real true answer, I am filled with a SENSE of completion or something I can totally accept…at least for now.

May these tips give you guidance to keep on keeping on with you trusting in your Self! Sage.

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Hi and welcome, let me introduce myself. I am Sage, an Intuitive/Psychic, Medium, Channel, Teacher/Mentor/Coach & Speaker over 40 yrs. Sessions are confidential and professional. I have an innate understanding of energy fields and dimensions. My history includes: Reiki Master, Prayer Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Energetic Systems Balance, Certified Massage Therapist, Career Specialist, Chemical Dependency Professional and Court of Atonement Facilitator. What I do: I actively tune in to “listen” & receive messages from our Higher Self, guides, angels and ancestors to share their wisdom, guidance and suggestions for you. Only you - can make decisions what to do with it. I do phone and Zoom sessions. Please see my Calendar and Scheduling Page. Benefits are *CLARITY and new *PERSPECTIVE along with *HOPE and *TRUST. Assisting you to make more INFORMED decisions or take the action that you may not have thought of before - due to fear or “tunnel vision”.

Hi, have you experienced any of these psychic topics? What techniques have you learned that helped you the most?

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