Reflections: How’s your 2018? Feeling stuck? Start your flow again.

How has life been treating you lately? Good or feeling stuck?

Better yet, how have you been treating yourself? If you do not honor or respect yourself, how do you expect others to respond to you? Do you listen to self? Can you feel yourself? Can you label/name your feelings? Can you feel your body? Are you even “in” your body? Some people are so full of fear or pain that they are afraid to feel or be inside their body. This feeling is often called “beside yourself”. If prolonged, it can be painful and mess with the several body systems causing us illness or dis-ease.

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Have you been breathing and going with the flow? Or have you been holding your breath waiting to see what happens next? Tense/ fearful? (Full of fear). Do you find yourself being “reactive” or having “knee jerk” or “fight/flight” responses to the world – as opposed to assessing and making conscious heartfelt decisions about how you want/choose to respond?


How did your family handle decision making? Is your way –their way? – or have you upgraded/ graduated from the “old familial ways” to healthier and more productive outcomes in your personal world?

Fear is either a real “clear or present danger” or it is only fear of the unknown. Many people will take the unknown and put all kinds of “imaginations” of how “bad it could be” – as opposed to what kind of options and possibilities are being presented here? Or “how good can this get?” What’s your habitual pre-programmed mode?

As one who, in the past, has done hundreds of hypnotherapy sessions with people, I learned from them about fear. One person under hypnosis stated when asked “what is the truth about your fear?” said that “fear is a total waste of time.” Lots of people are “paralyzed” in fear. This takes a long term “chronic” toll on many body systems.

Depending on the type of fear it can cause distress in corresponding areas of the body. Examples might be: relationships = heart issues, sex = reproductive tissues, finance = low back issues, stubbornness can = mobility/structural issues. See Louise Hay books. There are many layers to consider – but that’s another study.

Golden Heart WingsIt takes some courage (root word Latin – courage = heart) to “sit” or “be” with ourselves and get to know self again. Be your own best friend. What does self (your name) want and what does self (your name) need? These two are often different. Example: we want a fur coat but only need a warm winter coat depends on what the budget is without going into debt.

What steps are needed to get your needs met? Speak up? Take action to see a doctor, take a class, change jobs or partners/ friends? Are these thoughts constructive and positive for self without causing harm to anyone? A universal truth is that there is enough for everyone and no one needs to take away from another. Often they WAY we make changes are as important as the changes we make. Be kind/positive.

Next, do we feel worthy enough to get what we want/need? Can we accept/receive? When people want to assist us do we say “Yes” or “Oh, that’s ok, I’ll figure it out later?” How long has “later” been? Do we actually turn down invitations or money or material things that could help us or our family? Can we ASK for our needs? And wants? Do you ask for what you want and gracefully? Like when ordering or sending back food at a restaurant?

If we feel stuck in life, one of the fastest ways I know to get “flow” is to “make a move”. Take some kind of action, do something that makes you feel good and healthy about yourself. Take classes, volunteer, teach something, share, and get creative: crafts, paint, and music. Take walks, even clean house/car, or call and ask others how they are. All this starts the flow of feeling good about yourself and life again. Giving to others is great and don’t forget that you are just as important to give to your self.

What’s your habitual pre-programmed mode? Have you upgraded/ graduated from the “old familial ways” to healthier and more productive outcomes in your personal world?

Please subscribe and leave your comments about what you have learned to get your flow back. Look forward to hearing from you…Sage.

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