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SL Blog Purpose on Earth?  02-19-19

Angel around WorldI had an interesting conversation today with a neighbor. There are many ideas as to what truth is and who’s got it “down pat”. But as a conversation starter and only a few of my thoughts – here are some thoughts to ponder.
She asked me today, “what do you believe is our (your) purpose on earth”?
She had a few beliefs of her own; one was that some people say “to have fun”. She seemed to think that to have fun was “hedonistic, entitled and immature”.
I thoughtfully responded that “some of us may feel that at least some are here to be of service for God and/or others”. She mostly wanted to agree with me on this one. She felt many were not interested in God’s plan. I understood that over coffee we would not reach any ultimate conclusions on the subject but was intriguing to have it posed for discussion.
So far in my life, I have found that it is usually not a good idea to take one stand on a subject because so much depends on one’s point of view – on the planet and off the planet. Also the fact that facts constantly change. Example: Once upon a time the fact was that the earth was flat. Some still believe it is. I find that there is very little that is “black and white” in so many philosophies and beliefs. Life to me is full of gray and lots of other colors. Is it possible that everyone has pieces of the truth that is also correct?

I sense that why can’t the purpose(s) be at least both or even more – to have fun and be of service for God? And in my mind, at this time, in serving others – is another way of service as God/Source. I believe that our kindness and patient thoughts, words, deeds, and hands are of God and in service – as God would work through each of us for the benefit of the whole.
I like the concept of “it takes a village” because I feel that we are all related “cousins” on this planet. (As science is proving daily.) To me each person has unique gifts and talents to share with one another so we all benefit. None of us has “it all” alone.
Besides, would not we be a great example to others that God has a sense of humor and enjoys that we find life more fun than drudgery? I don’t believe that we are here to suffer, although many do. Sure, there are lots of trials and tribulations on this earth. There are many lessons to learn. I feel that each soul comes here with their own agenda to learn, experience and sometimes to overcome themselves and/or the accepted worldly points of view.

I like to think that we are here to “upgrade” the established thinking and energy of our earthly human belief systems. I believe that is how we “evolve” from generation to generation.

What is your real deep down instincts about being here – for fun, service or _________? Not just what you have read in books or taught by others or religions. Meditate and ask for yourself to receive your own “insights”. Thanks for taking time to read with me. Sage.

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