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This blog is prompted by a Facebook member M.M. and many others over time with similar quests.

These questions arise: Can the other party expect trust to be reinstated just because you have forgiven them? Can the relationship go back to be the same? How do I know if I have finished forgiving or is there more to do? How do I know if I have take ownership of all % of my weight in the situation?

Sage simple and short reply:

My intuition and “Council” guides collectively tell me this:

  1. No one can expect trust(ed) it must be earned both ways. It may be given without being “earned” if one has an open heart and truly cleared/healed and let go of the past. This also calls for healthy boundaries… healthy also means clear to all parties. Boundaries can be gentle yet firm…not harsh or demanding.
  2. “Going back” are key words. Best not to go backwards. The “old same” was a problem coming to a head. Best to have a new fresh relationship since all parties could have grown with better understanding, perspective and forgiveness.
  3. If both parties have grown then they would not benefit by going back but by being in the now/today of who they are.
  4. If the issue(s) continue to come to mind is not neutral or is causing discomfort or frustration, then it is not yet finished. The root cause may need to be revisited.
  5. If you are cleared of any “weight” or responsibility for your part then most likely your mind and heart “feel” free and light. If not, there is often a heaviness or constant “nagging or resentment” somewhere. Again, revisit root causes.
  6. Feel the feelings and label them. Use your techniques to clear/heal these labels as root causes. When the feelings become “light” or gone or diminished – then most likely they are cleared and the energy is “dis-charged”. Then all “charges are dropped” and usually disappear or forgotten now.

Hoping this is helping your quests about forgiveness. Facebook: Sage LeSage


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