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This blog is prompted recently by people who are chronic/detailed “story tellers” about how bad/miserable or complete detail histories about their health, surgeries, finances, relationships, or jobs are. And a few possible reasons they don’t “heal” or  stay well.

Some like to hang on to their “stories” and details. For what purpose? Maybe negative attention/sympathy? To some people, it seems that some attention is better than no attention. However, negative attention often slows down, recurs the problems or staves off complete healing/wellness of any situation.

Our body and cells are listening to our habitual thoughts, feelings and words. So is our energy field and the Universe. They both amplify what/how we believe. Jesus said that it is done unto us AS we believe. Be/lieve= live by.

Yes, it can be a challenge not to tell all the facts (facts constantly change) but we also insert these facts as images into others’ minds and they unconsciously then “magnify” the facts/images in group/universal mind consciousness. Friends and family often do not have the skills to stay clear in mind/heart, not take sides or how to clear their minds to be neutral and hold the positive for others.

I am guided to add here that for some to tell their story is a way of admitting they don’t know how to change it, or may be asking for another point of view. That’s usually our que to ask them if they are asking for input or another possible solution they might not have thought of yet. If not, we may have to just excuse our self from prolonged negativity and/or wallowing in their mire with them so as to not get “dumped on” or depressed with them.

We can simply bless them quietly internally asking their higher self to “assist for their best and highest good and in their perfect timing.” This is not to say we can’t sit patiently/lovingly with a person who needs to be “heard” to “tell their truth” for a time.

Not all empaths and healers have the skill to “see through” all the drama. It may take them a while after listening/witnessing the “stories” to clear themselves and then focus on sending God’s healing to/for others…when others are ready to let go of old stories and allow a renewed image of themselves and those involved.

Keep in mind, if we want others to assist in their prayers to “heal” or speed up recovery/wellness, then to share minimum details of what we don’t want and ask others to help us see/feel and know the wholeness outcome that we seek (do want).

Let’s help each other to see us as whole and complete. Then, if they/we can accept wholeness and wellness right now, they/we may have less relapses and recover more quickly and permanently with grace and ease.

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