Why am I feeling so fatigued???

I have been asked this question quite a lot these last few years. The following blog is not really much new if you have been around the “spiritual” communities. But, if you are new, this may help people understand what the heck is going on. I got this question again on my Facebook page and decided to make a blog out of it. Please feel free to copy or share from here or Facebook page Sage LeSage as long as you reference “Sage LeSage and the Council” in it. While you are there please consider joining the group. I’d love to have you.

Sage blog questions on fatigue. 04-21-19
This is what my intuition brought through from my guidance “Council”. Sage.

“Fatigue has a variety of causes on different levels. We share a few basics of possibilities.
This is another concentrated transitional period. All is a continuance of the upgrading of the spiritual 5th dimension into the physical realm. Notice that you on earth are upgrading your wireless to 5 G and the whole planet and systems are in ‘re-construction’ which often feels/looks like de-construction first.

Resistance, fear and ‘overwhelm’ can be a large part of fatigue. Spiritual energy is a refined yet powerful energy that infuses with earth and the physical nervous system. Focus on your alignment which allows ease without resistance to lessen side effects. Focused alignment means meditations (listening within for personal guidance), deeper breathing and light eating which facilitates energy flow.

‘Empaths/ Energy Workers/ Spiritual Trekkers’ – take time to consciously clear self and detach from the energy fields of others. Search for rips, tears, holes or leaks in your own auric energy fields. Meditation, visualizations, and prayers of your choice help you to clear/heal any specifics to your personal fatigue situation. It is wise to practice staying clear of others’ drama, which in turn clutter and slows or bogs down your own energy fields. This includes avoiding or clearing the news, television and electronic devices in homes and near outdoors.

The electrical nervous and body systems needs ‘downtime’ – quiet, peace and rest – for repairs and rejuvenation, which allows it ‘space’ to catch up or integrate, in order to realign its frequencies or healthy bio-rhythms on all levels.

Bring in more balance: spirit, mind and body – love, self-love, beauty and nature; rocks, plants, flowers, music, color, and sunshine.

Good sleeping habits after clearing the day from your energy fields. Like taking showers.
Eat as clean/pure as possible – foods and water and juices.
Avoid drama and gossip. Keep good company. Laugh.
Radiant light blessings.” The Council thru Sage.

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