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Recently I was asked, “How do you interpret dreams?”

In my opinion, dreams are the Spirit/Soul guiding us through unconscious review or teachings to help us “work out” situations or find alternative ways to deal with our daily waking lives. They are intended to be gifts. Even nightmares are clues if we can understand or interpret them well and without fear. I usually say a prayer to be “centered and clear” before I do any inner spiritual work.
How do I interpret dreams? And how do I help others interpret their dreams?
My two favorite, highly spiritual, reading resources that I was guided to many years ago are:

1. Watch Your Dreams by Ann Ree Colton (Founder of Niscience, Glendale, California)
2. Medicine Cards The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams & David Carson.

This is a broad testimony as to how I sometimes do my interpretation.
I have vivid dreams often in color. I call them dream/visions. Sometimes they are dreams and other times they are visions. Some are symbolic and others are like movies of situations like of another “alternative / past” life.

Occasionally, I get a clear message or feeling that prompts me to take some kind of action by making a decision or simply praying for everyone in the dream for the “best and highest outcome for all concerned.” Especially if I should “recognize” someone in the dreams. Most of the time they are events flowing from one scene to another with people I may or may not recognize.

Sometimes I find that it is like watching a movie. However, I can distinguish that either I am in the movie or I am watching the movie. I pay attention to which part/character I may be playing or just observing the dream.

New Age FemaleI don’t always remember them right after getting up unless my Spirit/Soul or Angel/Guides wants to “impress urgency” on me then it would be so strong I have to pay attention and write it down immediately. So the notes are really important.

Pay particular attention as to how each “scene” FEELS. The feelings are the key to every dream.

I find it best to make notes as soon as possible after a dream. Maybe parts of the dream will come back to me during the day like a “flash-back” or even a “deja vu”. French for “I have seen this before.” So then I write out as much as I can remember paying close attention to how I felt writing down these feelings as well.

After I make notations, I rewrite most of the words down a column on the left-hand side of a page. Then I write next to each of the words what I feel they may symbolize before consulting a resource. Very important. Lastly, I go over them again using mostly “Google dictionary search” to see how it defines the words and/or use the synonyms to help refine the feelings. I write it next to my symbolic thoughts further to the right of the page.

When I am done with this, I write paragraphs about the dream using the definitions I found that makes the most “sense” to me. Often I am startled by how profound and personal the “message” is to me about the subject.

There are many “dream” books and “interpretations” in the world. Each of us is guided by our own special God/Source, spirit/soul and angels/guides. Dreams can be interpreted differently and it can be important to understand by which dimension/level it is coming from. Even those helping you to understand it may be coming from a different frequency level then what the dream was meant to tell you. Levels such as: mental, emotional or physical, spiritual.

So I highly recommend researching your “inner” guidance first. Then lastly, asking for assistance as to other insights.

You can reach Sage for questions: sagementor33@gmail.com


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