About Sage

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Hello, and welcome. So looking forward to sharing.

I am an Intuitive/ Psychic/ Medium/ Channel and Teacher/ Mentor & Speaker over 40 yrs. I have an innate awareness and insight into our energy fields.

Stressed? Confused? Need objective insight? Need clarity? Need to do something different?

I attune with God/Source, blessed high vibration Angels, Guides and Ancestors. I specialize in bringing messages for a change instead of predictions. Most predictions can be changed by a change of heart. People often repeat patterns until they clear or “awaken” to the cause of the patterns. I have always had an affinity for deep spiritual knowledge about Angels, Masters, and “other/ alternative, worlds/ dimensions”. I believe in a greater “universal spirituality” that we are all individual parts of One GOD/ Source/ Divine Creator.

With your consent, I assist you to comprehend your own story and/or denied aspects that appear to block your progress. I begin to “see” pictures or “hear” behind the “appearances” as to – what is – or not – said out loud… often subconscious. My gifts and skills go as far as your threshold for your truth — or your lack of fear will allow you to go. If you have a sincere heart to know, you get simple yet life-changing responses from Spirit.

Still, you must do the “homework” yourself. No steps – no progress. Decision and/or action is required…to allow the Laws of Attraction to conspire and bring in your heart’s desires. Remember: FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

To help clarify, I have many skills & gifts of the spirit – to name a few:

Clairvoyance: clear inner seeing “second sight”- pictures

Clairaudience: clear inner hearing – words or thoughts

Clairsentience: clear feeling/sensing – empathy/body sensations

Clair-cognizance: clear inner knowing – “gut” feelings / intuition.

WHAT I DO: I actively tune in to “listen” & receive messages from our Higher Self, guides, angels and ancestors to share their wisdom, guidance, and suggestions with you. Only you – make decisions about what to do with it.

 BENEFITS:  Developing: *CLARITY and new *PERSPECTIVE along with *HOPE and *TRUST in yourself.  Assisting you to make more INFORMED decisions or take action that you may not have thought of before – due to fear or “tunnel vision”.

HOW I DO IT?— with your consent!

* As an Intuitive/ Psychic –  I can pick up or “read” energy, like tuning in to your particular radio station with your Higher Self, angels, guides and ancestors.

* As a Medium – I  can connect and  “listen or see” the “other side” – meaning others who have “crossed over or are deceased”. Proof of life afterlife. “There is no death – only change.” People do not have to be “deceased” to show up in readings. We can speak with the soul of all living beings as well. (Includes plants, animals, minerals, etc.)

* As a Teacher /Mentor – I instruct individuals to safely develop their own God-given gifts of Intuition. Clients learn about the responsibilities needed if they choose to use these gifts for themselves or others.

If you would like a private phone or Zoom session 30-45-60-90 minutes,  please use the Calendar & Appointment page to connect. Use the Contact Page to be in touch by email. Sagementor33@gmail.com.

“Looking forward to connecting with you and our Angels/Guides.” Sage.