Secrets of Fear vs. Faith.

The angels tell me these things about fear. “Fear is the reverse of faith. Fear and faith are energies with power and are ‘two sides of the same coin.” When I am working with clients, the angels tell us that “Fear is a huge waste of time.”

Fear creates a negative energy charge of what we don’t want – seen and unseen. Faith trust and knowing create a positive energy charge of what we do want – seen and unseen.

And yes, fear like pain, can be our friend when it tells us that we are in real or potential danger. But when we are not in real or potential danger then it is often the imagined, worst-case scenario, of what could happen in the future.

Imagination (imaging) creates a path to and from the universal Law of Attraction. As we all have heard many times “What we focus on and/or fear the most – we can bring about and upon ourselves.” This is the secret power of the universal Law of Attraction. What we send out comes back. It is a boomerang. And watch out – it can be multiplied positively or negatively by the strength of your passions either way.

So when life throws us a curveball individually or collectively, as it has recently, how do we make use of our power – with fear or faith?

Let’s keep our faith in positive outcomes. “What good can come from this? How can I/we have a better outcome? What steps can I take to move ineffective fear into active faith?”

The universe must respond to the focus of our thoughts, feelings, and speaking descriptive words that we are sending out individually and as a group consciousness. We must not buy into what others want us to think or believe. Their fears will be their experience.

We change our outcomes by re-imagining and looking for what we do want. This is where the power to shift energy is. This redirects the universal magnetic energy field to respond to the good we seek. We can do this by redirecting the energy path through imagination and speaking descriptive heartfelt words. The mind watches out for us by rationalizing using fear of what could happen but the heart watches out for us with the hope of better outcomes. Which do you want to set in motion in the Law of Attraction?

How to shift energy? Focus and redirect our thoughts, feelings, and words. Meditation calms and centers us. Prayer is another way to purposefully reset our intentions. Be sure to only ask for what positive results that you truly want to come into real-ity.

Notice that when folks come together in positive ways how much peace, harmony, and goodwill come from it.   Namaste.

P.S. I am not suggesting denying fearful thoughts and feelings. In fact, the best way to dis-charge them is to feel them acknowledging them deeply. Dis-allowing or resisting only intensifies the negative charge. To feel and accept fear or feelings brings them into awareness or the “light” neutralizing and then shifting the energy into positive outcomes as manifestations of the Law of Attraction. Blessings all…Sage.