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Welcome. There is another section I use for blogging, please check in both areas. This blogging thing is really new to me, so please bare with me.

I will attempt bringing thru messages from Spirit (God, Angels, Masters) either monthly or bi-monthly. Please check back or sign up on subscribe to get them delivered to you by email.  Until I learn WordPress really well, some things may be duplicated. I will learn to streamline it as I go. Thanks for your patience. Sage.

Hi and welcome,  for now, let me introduce myself. I am Sage, an Intuitive/Psychic, Medium, Channel, Teacher/Mentor & Speaker over 40 yrs. Sessions are confidential and professional. I have an innate understanding of “energy”.

My history includes: Reiki Master, Prayer Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Energetic Systems Balance, Certified Massage Therapist, and Chemical Dependency Professional.

What I do: I actively tune in to “listen” & receive messages from our Higher Self, guides, angels and ancestors to share their wisdom, guidance and suggestions for you.

Only you – can make decisions what to do with it.

Benefits are: *CLARITY and new *PERSPECTIVE along with *HOPE and *TRUST. Assisting you to make more INFORMED decisions or take the action that you may not have thought of before – due to fear or “tunnel vision”.

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Hi, have you experienced any of these psychic topics? What techniques have you learned that helped you the most?

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