Centered and “in” Purpose

Centered and “in” purpose. Today’s guided inspiration:
How do we keep ourselves centered and “in” purpose?
Acknowledge/pay attention to any feelings first. Analyze the “feelings”. Feelings are our barometer. They are asking for our attention – please.
I find to keep my daily focus on this. There are so many distractions with so many “others” who we feel the “need” to serve or take care of first that we can lose sight of our Self. That includes: mind, emotions, body and spirit.
When I bring my attention back to myself thru taking a deep breath, meditation or contemplation, I feel like I “wake up”. Often the “pressures” we feel are really more of what we do to ourselves. We tend to put more pressure / expectations on ourselves than others really do.
Where does this “pressure” come from?
What do you feel that “pressure” is about? It is a guidepost. Signal.
It is usually guilt or fear. Guilt – that we are not meeting someone else’s (or our own) expectations. Guilt, shame and fear are manmade. Guilt about “letting them down”. Fear that they may not like us or approve of us. If they don’t like or approve of us, then we may not get our “needs” met. That would be called emotional blackmail.
I’m not speaking about those who are somewhat dependent – but those that are capable. Even children can be age appropriate to learn to do for themselves. We do them no favors by over-doing for them. It makes them feel down deep inside that they cannot handle it themselves.
Do we really feel that others cannot take care of their own needs? Are we really the only ones that can meet their needs? Are we just co-dependent or in “familiar” territory? Aren’t we really then just taking away their self confidence – to be and do for their self? Doesn’t that make them weaker and us to feel bigger than they? We are to teach them how to find ways to meet their needs in the world. It will make them stronger and us freer.
Our society puts “pressure” on us to “fit in”. Normal is not necessarily healthy – are you ready to be your own person?

Ask yourself: “Do I dare feel my feelings? What would it take to feel free – no guilt, shame, or fear?