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MESSAGE CIRCLES! – scheduled separately. 5-10 online seating.

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Email Sage requesting to be a Hostess for a “Message Circle” with your friends as guests. Min 6 Max 10. In home or online Zoom.

female universe colors Face Right - CopyDevelop Your Intuition. The 4 + major “Clairs”.
INTUITION = Inner Teacher / Inner Knowing

  •  Clair-voyant (clearly see)
  • Clair-audient (clearly hear)
  • Clair-sentient (clearly feel)
  • Clair-cognizant(clearly know)
  • There are many more. Taste, smell, etc.

Angel Prayer Circle

Angels & Guides: Tap into and Listen to them.

How to invite Angels and Guides to offer insights to nagging problems that you have blocked or denied yourselves the healing that allows you to move on with your life.

People spirits 3 glowing males

Mediumship: Communicating with Ancestors. “There is no death – only change”. Chief Seattle.  Spirit Communication with loved ones’ living soul or that have crossed over/ passed away/ died. Ancestors may bring messages to release FEAR, GUILT, OR RESENTMENTS. Includes PARDON/ FORGIVENESS for all.

Psychometry; “Reading” or “Tuning In”  to objects.

Hand holding object cord stone 3.jpgGenerally holding with hands. Tuning in or read energy or crystallized thought forms from personal belongings such as PHOTOS, JEWELRY, STONES, CLOTHES, OBJECTS, etc.

Classes available. Classroom Teacher Female 2 ONLINE – ZOOM.


See Contact Page to inquire about any classes or Mentoring one to one on Zoom.  “I look forward to sharing with you.”  Sage.

Hi, have you experienced any of these psychic topics? What techniques have you learned that helped you the most?

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