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Intuitive/Psychic/Medium for Higher Self, High Angels of Light, Guides & Ancestors.

Readings and Channeling:  Please see Calendar & Appointment Page. 45, 60 & 90 Min sessions of your choice by: email, phone or Zoom.

Tired TreadmillStuck on a treadmill? Going in circles with same problems? Wonder how to get a different outcome? Wondering “What am I doing wrong”? Want a new perspective?

Want to know how to be more “aware“? Be more clear and safe using your own intuition?

Learn how to develop your own affirmations, prayers and  declarations to “clear/heal/balance” your life on any level.

Sage is a conscious mental channeler.  

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She attunes herself to receive the Highest God vibration /energy she can reach for the clients benefit. She steps slightly back, still aware and in control, while the channeled information comes thru without her filters getting in the way. These messages are not her words, thoughts or feelings. Often messages coming thru with an accent or personality style of whomever may be bringing the message. Private sessions – email, phone or Zoom,  group “Gallery Readings”.

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Mental Medium: Listening to your ancestors.

Communication with loved ones that have “crossed over/ passed over/ died.” They may bring important messages to help you release FEAR, GUILT, OR RESENTMENTS. (Which causes underlying illness in you.) This includes PARDONING and /or FORGIVENESS for all.

Balance! & Health! Angels and Guides say “There is no death, only change.” Sage can assist with prayers.

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TEACHER / MENTOR:*Intuitive *Psychic *Mentor *Medium *Channel
1. One to One Mentoring in person or on Zoom
2. Class size 6-10.
3. See “class info” page

Learn to focus and tap your energy to safely use your own intuition (inner teacher) to reconnect with God within you and confidently practice: meeting and clearing your own guides and angels, “divining” cards or psychometry (read energy from objects) like photos or jewelry, stones, etc.

The purpose can be for your own clarity, confidence and/or to help others.

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Learn how to develop your own affirmations and prayers to “clear/ heal/ balance” your life on any level.

Hi, have you experienced any of these psychic topics? What techniques have you learned that helped you the most?

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