Skills & Benefits

Sage Cropped Forward 3How may Sage assist you on your journey?“Let’s ‘tune in’ together and reveal ‘soul in-sights’.” Sage.

For a session of your choice, click on Calendar & Appointments page for time & fees. 60 & 90 min. sessions. Email, phone or Zoom Video.

Benefits are: Clarity and perspective along the hope and trust in yourself. Assisting you to make more informed decisions or take actions that you may not have thought of before – due to fear – or “tunnel vision”.

Sage History: Reiki Master, Prayer Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Chemical Dependency Professional, Energy Work, Spiritual Mentor/Teacher, Career Specialist/Counselor, FCOA Coach.

Medium sky hands - CopySage is an Intuitive/ Psychic/ Medium/ Channel and Teacher/ Mentor & Speaker over 40 yrs. Sage has innate insights of energy fields. Sage communes with Divine Source / God, blessed High Angels, Guides and Ancestors and your energy field.

With your consent, open mind and heart, Sage assists you to comprehend your own story or denied aspects that “appear to block” your progress.

Sage has many skills & gifts of spirit – to name a few:    Psychic brain blue teal

Clairvoyance: clear inner seeing “second sight”- pictures.
Clairaudience: clear inner hearing – words or thoughts.
Clairsentience: clear feeling/sensing .
Claircognizance: clear inner knowing – “gut” feelings.

HOW SAGE DOES IT?— with your consent! and open hearts/minds!

People spirits 3 glowing malesIntuitive/ Psychic – Sage can “tune in”, pick up or “read” your energy field , like tuning in to your particular radio station with your Higher Self, angels, guides and ancestors. Everything is live energy…plants, animals, minerals. Sage can connect and listen or see the “other side” meaning others who have crossed over or are deceased. Proof of life after life. “There is no death – only change.” Chief Seattle. Live people’s soul/spirit energy may also come through.

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Teacher /Mentor – Sage instructs individuals and groups to safely develop their own God-given gifts of intuition. Clients learn about the responsibilities needed if they choose to use these gifts for self or others.


If you would like an appointment with Sage please use the Calendar & Appointment & Payment page. 45-60-90 min sessions by: email, phone or Zoom.  “Thank you, I look forward to sharing with you.” Sage.

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