Shifting Energy

# Shifting Energy – Blog 06-17-18
Today came to mind Mother Theresa saying something like this (and I am paraphrasing here): “If you ask me to march against the war, I will not. But, if you ask me to march for peace, I will.”

What do you use your energy “FOR”? Do you stand “against” things/people? Or FOR things/people?

This feels like the perfect example of being careful as to how we use our thoughts, feelings and words. Another phrase is “Looking at what you do want – not at what you don’t want.” Yet another saying: “Feelings follow thought.”

Don’t like the feelings? Change the thoughts. Examine your feeling; examine your thoughts about it. Do they uplift or depress? If they depress that is the sign of negativity (not “bad” just the opposite of positive polarity) or as my friend Amy Jo Ellis’ guide calls it “non-beneficial” energy. We only want “beneficial” energy in us and around us. Healthy vibrant life-giving energy.

Where is your attention? Are you on the habit treadmill? Un-conscious, repetitious habits? Did you know that we create with our thoughts? Then thoughts accumulate energy in the formation of materialization. It is a universal principle law. Watch how people, ideas, etc. come into our awareness. If we accept without rejecting (“Oh that could never happen.”) more accumulates until it becomes a manifestation or “real-ity”.

Ok, now we all hear the usual “what not to do”. So what is “to do?” Below are a few examples. Read up on meditation. For those who “think” they can’t meditate…then contemplate. I dare you.

1. Stop, breathe…take a moment to “wake up” be-come conscious and feel. This will consciously shift energy so that we become awake enough to examine our feelings and trace them back to our thoughts about them. Do we want to feel better? Look or be happier and healthier? Then we must shift our energy field! Our cells are listening.
2. We can calm and center with:
a. Take a deep breath (oxygen to the cells)
b. Don’t “pay” attention to that which you don’t want/like. Give it “no mind – never mind”. NO POWER.
c. Ask self “what is the opposite of these feelings?”
d. Focus on the opposite/positive polarity and ask self “What would it feel or look like to experience this instead?”
e. Visualize or just think of something or someone who brings us peace or happiness.
(Pets? Nature? Chocolate? )Relax on Beach
f. Be open to whatever “pops” into mind. Breathe it in! In-breath = receiving.
g. Laugh at yourself and situations. It diminishes the sting and shifts or deletes the negative energy.
h. Give thanks for a new shift of perception and go play.
i. Watch for new results with expectation. Be optimistic. (Optimum – expect the best.)

As my humorous guides laugh and say “The..the..that’s all folks…for now”.
Blessings, Sage.