Creating Flow Again


So, how’s your summer going? Mine is going great this year! Are we enjoying ourselves – yet? How much joy and happiness are we “creating and allowing” into our life right now?

Do you realize that we can shift/change our experience? In some cases shifts can be immediate and other cases it may take days, weeks, months?

We are all ENERGY – VIBRATING AND CREATING from our thoughts and feelings. It’s all according to our EXPECTATIONS and TRUST in the Universe – God, (even our Self ) or whatever our belief system is, means it aligns with what we are VIBRATING out in our thoughts and feelings.
Universal Principles: When the thoughts (head) and feelings (heart) agree there is almost immediate results/ manifestations. When they don’t – then it could take a while.
Another way of saying this is: when we are in the “flow” we are in “sync” with traffic, co-workers, family, friends etc. When we are out of “sync” we hit every stop light, quarrel with others and no-thing seems to go our way.
That is our signal or wake-up call to become aware that we are OUT of our flow or nature of well-being. We often walk around in a SEMI-CONSCIOUS state of being. So what do we do about this?
1. BREATHE and slow down, become AWARE /CONSCIOUS in the moment. “Is this working for me? Am I tense, irritable or fussy? Am I re-acting instead of responding?”
2. Bring thoughts and feelings back into conscious awareness. “What am I feeling here?”
3. What is the BETTER /HIGHER way of seeing/feeling about this moment or day or people?
4. How do I CHOOSE to UPGRADE my thoughts and feelings to CREATE a new better experience of what I DO WANT – instead – of what I don’t want.
5. Make a list of what you want to be better, annoys or bothers you etc.
6. Write down the opposite of each word. (I use Thesaurus / Synonyms on the computer /cell phone for quicker more powerful/accurate words.) 

7. I make statements out loud and affirmations in writing to change the FREQUENCY of these old thoughts and habits of “seeing” things as THEY WERE to “seeing/feeling” things as I would LIKE THEM TO BE. And like magic!!!

Things, people, and I —change!!! Into harmony and flow again. Electric appliances, cars too. Hope this helps make your day and inspires you to try this just for fun to see what happens.

Blessings everyone, Sage.