Altars – Your Personal Prayer Altar

Personal Prayer Altar 2019 by Sage.

(By Sage & guides: “Sacrifice” – Enlightened “sacrifice” is to let go of or give it up to God/ Higher Power etc. Also to make sacred. (Not kill anything.)

What is a personal Prayer Altar?    It can be of any belief, culture, religion or non religious.  It can be of nature or your own creation to simply meditate or contemplate serenity, peace, or harmony.

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What is the purpose of the altar?
And how do we create one?

The photo is an online sample of one of hundreds of altars.
Sage will be speaking on this topic at the Metaphysical Research Society, Spokane, WA.

It is a new year, time to refresh and re-create or fine tune what we desire to manifest in each new year. Focus only on what you do want – not what you don’t want. If you only use creative positive energy it will produce more of same – if negative – then that will produce more of same. Include pictures and color to enhance your desires. Be careful that it is always for your/and others’ best and highest good. Sanctify each piece added to eh alter for harmony. Sage.

Below are a very few sites I found to see how others create their altars to the Divine/Source/Spirit. As you will read, there is no one or right way to accomplish this. Mostly keep it personal, kind, positive, uplifting and sacred to you. Google- Images,  “personal altar” and “personal altar photos” to get more ideas.

Creating an altar is a sacred way to call positive spiritual energies into your home. It reinforces your intention to invite more peace, serenity, abundance and love into your space. It can be used for prayer, meditation, chanting, or just a place of sheer beauty and connection to the Divine.

3 Simple Steps To Create An Altar In Your Home –

Traditionally the site of a sacrifice or ritual altars are typically associated with making offerings to God or Gods. However, a home altar is powerful way to connect to that which matters most in your life—a physical representation of beauty, spirit, connection, and a reminder to simply slow down and breathe or connect with earth.

It is prominent in the Bible as “God’s table,” a sacred place for “sacrifices” and gifts offered up to God. The word altar comes from the Latin altārium, meaning “high,” and also to the Latin adolere, which means “to ritually burn or sacrifice,” which suggests its early purpose as detailed in the Bible. Altar – Dictionary Definition:
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