Peace, Harmony and Stability?

There is a lot going on everywhere. Are you able to keep your peace and stability right now?

I have to really focus on centering with meditation, grounding and speaking out my desires to the Universe. Basically “putting in my order” so the Universe “Law of “Attraction” is also clear about what I choose to experience daily. This way it cancels all the fears, doubts and non-beneficial energies that the TV, News and Facebook is constantly bringing to our attention of “how bad it is out there.”

When I hear the sadness or struggles of others, my angels always say “Do what you know”. That’s my signal to pray for divine right action for all concerned for healing/wholeness/wellness for people, animals and all other kingdoms on earth. I ask, “What good can come from this?” There is so much behind the scenes that is bringing up kindness, sharing, caring and healing thru all this drama and trauma.

How many times do you stop, take a breath and feel yourself then ask what do I really feel here? And what would be an honest or positive response that could be better received by or for others? My angels tell me that it does not have to be this hard. If people would stop, listen, not fear feeling and tell their truth without malace (just the facts) that there would be less re-actions and retaliations.

I have several mantra style paragraphs, prayers, symbols etc… that actually mean something to me that trigger focused energy in positive ways. Not just repeating words but feeling the meanings behind them causes faith to grow and trust in my daily existance…so that I may be good for myself as well as a good example for others. Everybody is just trying to get thru the day. Some with a smile and kindness in heart.

I invite you to take time to explore what helps support you in positive attitudes, thoughts, feelings, prayers, music, stones, essences, etc. Find a philosophy, religion, group, book or teaching that rings true to you and research/explore it to deepen your own sense of well being. Faith that there is a spiritual side of life that can bring more harmony and fulfillment to you so that you can be a whole person filled with life energy, lightness of heart and kindness. Kindness is easier when we feel good. Still have you ever noticed people who are ill can be more kind than others? Thats another subject.

So, hopefully, the comment section is turned on and you can let me now how you keep the faith within you on a daily basis.