Testimonials – Kathy M., Vancouver, WA, USA.


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I have known Sage for close to 40 years – as a friend, spiritual mentor/teacher, colleague and healer. I have found her to be an excellent listener, compassionate, generous to a fault and one of the clearest spiritual communicators I’ve ever encountered. I have received good guidance from Spirit – God – that has come through her, not to heal me but to teach me how to heal myself from physical and emotional conditions that were upsetting my life in general. If you are in pain, physically or emotionally, I would highly recommend Sage to anyone who has the wisdom to be open to what she has to offer and the willingness to follow through with the guidance of Spirit that flows through her.

Kathy M., Vancouver, WA, USA.

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Hi and welcome, let me introduce myself. I am Sage, an Intuitive/Psychic, Medium, Channel, Teacher/Mentor/Coach & Speaker over 40 yrs. Sessions are confidential and professional. I have an innate understanding of energy fields and dimensions. My history includes: Reiki Master, Prayer Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Energetic Systems Balance, Certified Massage Therapist, Career Specialist, Chemical Dependency Professional and Court of Atonement Facilitator. What I do: I actively tune in to “listen” & receive messages from our Higher Self, guides, angels and ancestors to share their wisdom, guidance and suggestions for you. Only you - can make decisions what to do with it. I do phone and Zoom sessions. Please see my Calendar and Scheduling Page. Benefits are *CLARITY and new *PERSPECTIVE along with *HOPE and *TRUST. Assisting you to make more INFORMED decisions or take the action that you may not have thought of before - due to fear or “tunnel vision”.