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This is a very interesting topic. I’ll keep this real simple here. There are lots of books that can be read to share more information.

There is a lot of fine tuning going on here. It is an art… not a science…yet. Every Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, etc. of the Divining/Healing Arts is a  different “receiver/channel”. (And human with their own filters/ beliefs.) We all have a slightly different energy channel (so to speak) with different abilities and frequencies to work with.


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We are like a radio, TV station, or more like satellites tracking and tuning in to the client’s frequency / energy field. Not forgetting that we also “tune in” and hold the energy to the beings on the “other side” and they are working to adjust themselves to be compatible with our frequency.

God Knows the stars - CopySPIRIT IS FLUID!  Different readers can come up with the same information or each one can receive contrasting info. I tell my clients that some pick up their thoughts and feelings (like reading the minds). Maybe the astral levels.  We may be reading the info in the energy / aura body/ mind fields. We often tell clients what they already know but are not “listening or trusting” themselves. We may confirm feelings. Find a reader that has integrety. Trust your gut again.

However, anything a reader reveals is NOT CAST IN STONE. There are no guarantees in this fluid field of spiritual energy. Clients can accept or reject. What you do BELIEVE – YOU MAGNIFY. What you DISCOUNT WEAKENS. Good or not so good news. So take everything with a “grain of salt”. Trust your gut. I ask Source/Spirit/GOD that clients get what they need with suggestions of how to apply it.

Having said all that, I work to achieve what is “behind the scenes”.  Not to reveal the astral/mind stuff but to reveal the deepest or highest soul-truth I can reach to bring through for the client. I endeavor to shed Light on what really is the “in-sight” the client needs in order to clear, heal or develop – to achieve a healthier, happier, honest and fulfilled life. Sometimes, I am lead to give steps (as a spiritual life coach) in order to help clients get over or thru that old cycling routine and “cross that next bridge” to a better way of living. It is my great pleasure to quicken the journey.

Photo Unity people heart - CopyMost of the readers I know (and I know a lot of them) get symbology from Spirit. Every client is different and has a different “symbology identity“.

We get what Spirit gives us to work with. The client has the responsibility to figure out exactly what it means in their life story and how to apply it. We can not do it for them. We can only bring the clues. Sit with the info, it will come clear sooner or later. Don’t try too hard or you might block it. FLOW!

Sometimes it helps to run it past someone who knows the client to get an objective insight that the client just can’t see yet. Like who was uncle Joe? I don’t know an uncle Joe. So go ask another relative and see if it really was uncle Joe that came thru to speak in the session.

So, if ready to step out and over that next bridge, click on my Calendar & Appointment & Payment page to set up our time together. 60 & 90 min sessions by: email, Sagementor33@gmail.com,  phone, & Zoom.

Look forward to sharing with you. Spirit is awesome. Sage.

Hi, have you experienced any of these psychic topics? What techniques have you learned that helped you the most?

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